Irina Kalmykova is a well-known and respected children's photographer of Russia. Recognition is confirmed not only by the turn at the photo shoot and thousands of students across the country, CIS and Europe, but also by winning the world stage. The geography of work and the demand for services are growing every month.

It is no wonder, after all Irina—the creator of a special color genre—pictures with such picturesque processing are filled with a fantastic atmosphere and volume.

International Prize of Children and Family Photographers “BICFP 2015” awarded Irina the title of “Best Photographer of the Year”.

In 2015, she held a solo exhibition in Vienna. Irina is still the only one of the children's Russian photographers to whom the European colleagues proposed to organize such an event.

Two higher educations: a designer and a psychologist, as well as an artist's education, help Irina's professional approach to her work.